Below are answers to questions you might have as an artist or a customer.

How can you take part?

Every season tells a certain story. When accepting artwork, the Submit Artwork will be available on the menu. Details on what we are looking for will be explained on that page.Various mediums are accepted, including illustrations, photography, paintings and the likes.

What happens after you submit your artwork?

Your designs will go through a panel of artists and fashion designers for assessment. Visit our Terms & Conditions page for more information.

Where will your products be sold?

Online through our website and partner websites, as well as physically through distributors. We are constantly looking for distributors that share our feel and values.

Can you withdraw your artwork?

You retain the copyright to your work. Therefore you can stop the process at any time before manufacturing takes place. If a request to withdraw is made after the t-shirts are manufactured, we will continue to sell whatever is left in stock only, without printing more of it.

How Many T-Shirts Will We Print?

We are not putting a cap on prints; however, we produce t-shirts in small batches at a time.

What benefits will this bring to you?

You will yield the benefits of commerce without the need to worry about the cost and effort of production, marketing, and selling, nor will you carry the loss of unsold t-shirts.
We constantly expose our artists on our website, social media accounts, and at events. Our T-Shirts’ price tags display the artist’s name for customers to see.For more details, including the monetary aspect of the partnership, please view the terms & conditions page.

Where are we based? And Where do we ship to?

We are based in Kuwait, and ship internationally with Aramex. To see your shipping rate, fill in the address fields on the checkout page.

What payment methods to we accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and KNET.

Do we accept returns?

Please contact us within 5 days of delivery if you wish to return a product.