Our Story



To spread regional creativity through the unconventional medium of apparel.



Be the apparel platform of choice for creators + creation seekers in the region.



As creators, social media enables us to share our creations in an easy and effective way. But the posts we make are virtual, often left out of sight once newer ones roll in. Physical works such as paintings and photographs can be shared in  an art gallery setting, which is popular among art enthusiasts, however it is less commonly visited by the general public in our region.

As shoppers, we often find ourselves unwillingly browsing through endless logo based t-shirts. Apparel that is made with the sole purpose of boosting brand recognition. In a time when we creators are more connected than ever, with technology, manufacturing, and marketing capabilities at our fingertips, we no longer have to settle for this bleak reality.

This is where the concept of DO•U originates from. We are working hard to establish a community of creators that share their creations physically through apparel, and to provide people with an alternative worth wearing.


Honeycomb makes up the outer layer of the logo. Honeycomb is essential for the collaborative process of creating honey, it brings bees together and encourages teamwork. We like to think of the DO•U platform as a honeycomb for creators and creation seekers.

Tube packaging is an essential part of DO•U’s art gallery inspired store vision, which is why it is at the core of the logo. The DO U lettering embedded within the hexagon was formed from an illustration of 3 tubes.